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These industrial socket and industrial power plug products are used for device connections in a variety of applications where connection and disconnection are required. CEE plug and CEE socket are absolutely worth it and our industrial power socket will meets your industrial demand.When safety, reliability and durability are required, choose a 220V CEE plug and waterproof 3 pin, 4 pin and 5 pin CEE socket. Safe and weatherproof connection prevents accidents; Reliable contacts prevent downtime and power outages, increasing productivity; Durable equipment prevents time and cost from being wasted due to maintenance. Industrial plug and socket will meets your industrial needs.

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Zhejiang Xiyiyi Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd is a professional supplier of international standards waterproof industrial plug sockets, connectors, distribution boxes and protection relays, etc. Since its founding in 1991, our company continued to develop due to the reliability of our products and services.

Zhejiang Xiyiyi Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd