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The cable reel is a reel that provides the function of winding wires and cables for industrial and mining enterprises. It is currently widely used in oilfields, mining, construction, machinery manufacturing units, scientific research units, ports, docks, shopping malls, hotels, roads and bridges and many other industries. With the increasing diversification of industrial needs, mobile cable reels have become the new darlings in the cable reel market, which not only improves the production environment, but also improves production efficiency.

Application range of cable reel:

Cable reels are widely used in steel refining, electronics, petrochemical, mining, power, railway, construction sites, mining plants, etc., and are essential for infrastructure construction. There is also a mini cable reel, which is a must-have for modern family life. From the application scope of the cable reel, we can understand that the cee cable reel is greatly affected by external forces (temperature, humidity, wind, lightning, man-made, etc.), so whether it is construction or home application, you must understand The selection criteria of cable reels, the selection of qualified and even high-quality cable reels can ensure safety.

Cable reel application range and selection criteria

Selection criteria for cable reels:

One of the selection criteria for cable reels-super strong resistance to external forces.

The cable reel is greatly affected by external factors such as the environment, so the ability to resist external forces (and the material of the cable reel) is an important criterion for measuring a cable reel.

1. Protected against rain, dust and splashes.

2. There are high temperature blocking safety devices. The cable reel is provided with an overheat and overload protector, an electromagnetic leakage protector, and double insurance. When the temperature of the cable reel is too high, the power is automatically cut off to protect the cable reel from fire. Especially in the hot summer, after being "washed" by high temperature and rain, unqualified cables are liable to spontaneous combustion and leakage, which is extremely dangerous.

Cable Reel Selection Criterion Two-"Prevention of Precautions" 

Security Settings A high-quality product is like an excellent leader. He must not only have the ability to handle emergencies, but also "prevention of contingencies" awareness.

The cable reels should be equipped with humanized safety devices such as special fixed line cards, locking functions, and all-steel guards. While facilitating construction operations, the safety hazards are stifled in the cradle.

Three selection criteria for cable reels-complete types

There are many applications for cable reels. Different requirements of cable reels have different requirements for cable reels. For example, in high-temperature places, high-insulation and high-temperature-resistant cable reels are required; in environments with low safety factors, explosion-proof cable reels are required; Different work places may also require various types of cable reels such as tripods, trolleys, wheelers.

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