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Traditional connected devices provide years of service guarantees in a typical office environment. However, exposing the same copper cable or fiber-optic connector to extreme conditions degrades performance and reliability, forcing end users to pay expensive maintenance fees to troubleshoot and replace components. A new connector, designed to build a rugged Ethernet connection in harsh environments, is tougher, stronger and more resilient than previous connectors.The new interface is widely known as the "industrial connector" and is not limited to manufacturing.This connector is designed to withstand the most severe industrial conditions.

Two differernt circumstances about industrial power connectors:

Connectors are two or more containers connected to each other below the liquid level.A connector containing the same liquid with the same pressure on the liquid surface shall have the same height of the liquid surface.

(1) the connector contains the same liquid, but the pressure on the liquid surface is different, then the pressure difference on the liquid surface is equal to the pressure difference caused by the height difference of the liquid surface between the two vessels of the connector.

(2) the pressure on the liquid surface of the connector is the same, but there are different liquids on both sides. The height of the two liquid levels is inversely proportional to the density of the liquid.Connector principle has a wide range of applications in engineering.Such as all kinds of liquid level meters (water level meters, oil level meters, etc.), mercury vacuum meters, liquid column type wind pressure meters, differential pressure meters, etc., are made by the application of the connector principle.Understanding the definition and working principle of connectors can help us better understand and expand the market of connectors

The advantages of industrial connectors:

Any electrical system must use current as a carrier of signals or energy from one conductor to another through the contact between conductors.The mode of contact between this conductor and the conductor is called electrical contact, and this electrical contact is accomplished by the connector, which will cover the three "lifelines" of "power supply", "signal" and "data".Figuratively speaking, connectors are "Bridges" that act as connections between currents or signals.Although it is a component, the role it plays is crucial.

Industrial connector has many incomparable advantages, mainly in the following aspects:

1.In the production process, it can simplify the assembly process of products and further simplify the whole process of mass production.

2. If the electronic parts fail, if the parts equipped with industrial connectors, the failed parts can be replaced very quickly, and it is very easy to repair.

3. As mentioned above, the industrial development and technological progress are very rapid, and the parts equipped with industrial connectors are easier to replace and upgrade.

In addition, there are many forms of industrial connector, suitable for different purposes, not only through Ethernet connection, but also through it can make telecommunications, communications equipment, television, speakers and other production and quality have been greatly improved, and thus reduce the cost.

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