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Some users reflect why the same industrial socket has a longer life span? This is very likely because you have entered the misunderstanding (improper use method) in the process of use. The following is a detailed introduction by Zhejiang Xiyiyi Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd , an industrial plug and socket manufacturer.

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Wrong use

The following is an introduction to the common mistakes in the use of industrial plugs and sockets

1. Pull and plug without removing the anti falling device


We must be aware that the industrial plug and socket are equipped with anti falling device. The existence of the device is to avoid accidental falling off of the industrial plug and socket when connecting. We need to hold the plug tightly before using (before pulling out) and take off the anti falling device after the after-sales service, and then use appropriate force to pull and plug (never use brute force to pull out the plug and socket to cause damage);

2. Waterproof cover not fastened

If we put the industrial plug and socket outdoors for use, without fastening the external waterproof cover after the connection is completed, it is easy for water to enter the plug and socket and cause accidents. Therefore, Zhejiang Xiyiyi reminds us that in order to ensure the waterproof performance of the industrial plug and socket, the waterproof cover should be fastened;

3. Pull the power cord to remove the plug

Many people in the process of using industrial plug and socket like to pull the power cord directly by hand to pull out the plug. But do you know that there are cable clamps inside the industrial plug and socket? (it's hard to pull it out through the cable!) It is not only unsafe to pull the plug by hand for a long time, but also easy to cause cable damage;

4. Pulling and inserting with brute force during interlocking

For the industrial plug and socket with interlocking function, it can only be pulled out when the power is off. If you want to plug it in the connection and interlocking state, it is very difficult to pull it out. Of course, if you use brute force, the interlocking device of the plug and socket will be damaged;

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5. Improper use of protection level

Obviously need IP67 high protection level of industrial plug and socket, you must buy an IP44, and the protection level of IP44 is too low can not be used in the environment where IP67 is applicable (and there is a big potential safety hazard);

6. Improper storage

It is also very bad to store the purchased industrial plugs and sockets at will. Although the plugs and sockets have certain protection ability, they can not be stored at will (improper storage may lead to rust, etc.). Zhejiang Xiyiyi reminds us that we should store the industrial plug socket in a ventilated and dry environment;

7. Peel the cable directly and insert it into the socket

It is a common phenomenon to connect the cable directly into the industrial socket after peeling off one end of the cable. But do you know that it is very dangerous to connect (without installing industrial plug)? When the cable core is directly inserted into the socket, the connection is not tight, and it is easy to get hot and failure. Zhejiang Xiyiyi specially reminds us to install matching industrial plug and socket to avoid this situation.

Preventive measures

In order to avoid the above misunderstandings when using industrial plugs and sockets, we should pay attention to the following points when using them:

1. Improve safety awareness

Many people feel that the use of industrial plug and socket is very simple (they don't pay attention to it ideologically), which leads to hidden trouble;

2. Strict use requirements

The operation process and precautions are detailed in the operation manual of industrial plug and socket. As users, we should carefully read the manual of industrial plug and socket and use it correctly.

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