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In different occasions and environments, there are different requirements for the configuration of industrial plug socket and coupling device. It can be selected according to the purpose, working environment, specification and size, appearance and modeling, installation form, function, etc. Only the right choice of products can ensure safe and reasonable use.


Lines used

Socket shall be used for connecting to power supply line, and cover shall be provided to prevent electric shock. For example, in the workshop of the factory, you can see all kinds of power sockets and power socket boxes.

Connectors must be selected for the coupling between cables and the plug-in of the equipment's instrument input socket. The connector is suitable for connecting to the power supply line end and has a cover to prevent electric shock.

On the receiving line, as the input interface of the electric equipment or connecting the receiving cable, the plug or appliance input socket must be selected.

Consider working environment

1. Protection performance

(1) In general environmental conditions, such as the normal factory workshop, the splash proof plug and socket can fully meet the requirements.

(2) IP67 immersion proof plug and socket must be used in the worse environment or places that may be immersed in water, such as cement workshop, muddy construction site and container terminal, where there is much dust or may be immersed in water, so its protective performance can meet the requirements.

2. Shell protection materials

(1) plastics. Usually plug and socket are plastic shell, all aspects of the performance is very good, general workplace can use.

(2) rubber. Plug and socket with black rubber shell can be used in coal mine.

(4)Aluminum alloy. There are some workshops with high working temperature and spark splashing, such as steel-making and ironmaking workshop, casting workshop, etc. in special industrial environment, plug and socket with aluminum alloy shell should be used.

3.Use voltage, current and frequency

The number of poles of plug and socket is determined according to whether the power supply used by the electric equipment is single-phase or three-phase. 3-pole single-phase power supply, 4-pole three-phase power supply can be selected if the neutral line is grounded, otherwise 5-pole must be selected. Then, select the corresponding specifications according to the rated voltage, working current level and frequency of the equipment.

The domestic AC power grid is generally three-phase 380V, single-phase 220V, frequency 50Hz.

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