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Nowadays, the industrial plug and socket has become the latest generation of ideal power supply device, which has been widely used in all walks of life, especially in some petrochemical, power electronics and other fields. But in fact, there are so many devices in the market today. Facing many equipment manufacturers, when you love to buy, you don't really want to buy them From the beginning, I often meet customers calling to ask about the price of the equipment, but when I put forward what kind of industrial plug and socket materials are needed, some customers will generally have doubts. What are the obvious differences between these materials?

In the following, I'll give you a detailed explanation of some materials commonly used to make industrial socket shells. I believe you can have a deeper understanding of this device after reading it.


Nylon material

The first one is the nylon material which is often used to make the equipment shell nowadays. Generally, it is made of polyamide resin and other materials. The manufacturing methods of this kind of resin manufacturers are quite diverse. It can not only be made by polycondensation with diamine and dicarboxylic acid, but also by dehydration with amino acid to get lactam, which is made by ring opening polymerization 。 The equipment made of this kind of material has high strength, high wear resistance and chemical resistance, so it can be applied to some harsh environments, and achieve very good corrosion resistance without interference from external environmental factors. In addition, in the use of environmental temperature, the range of use is very wide, generally applicable to - 40 ℃ to + 90 ℃ When it can be used at 90 ℃, it can operate normally without deformation. When it works at - 40 ℃, it can also operate normally without any impact on technical indicators. Therefore, it is very common in some construction sites

Nylon PA66

The second material used to make this equipment now is nylon PA66, which is actually the upgrade of the first nylon strap material. When this kind of material is applied to production equipment, the requirements for injection molding process are relatively strict, so there are certain requirements for technology when using this kind of material for production. Generally, this material is a translucent and opaque opalescent crystalline polymer after the completion of production, which is relatively strong in plasticity.


PC material

The third is the most high-quality material, which is also widely used in the whole world market, that is, PC material. It is not only used in the market to design and produce industrial plug and socket, but also widely used in some other industries, such as electronics, automobile industry and glass assembly industry This kind of material is used to produce the required products. The advantages and characteristics of PC material are obvious, because this material is a kind of amorphous thermoplastic resin, so it is very good in comprehensive performance, to some insulation, extensibility and durability, so the industrial plug and socket made of this material is very stable and reliable in operation, with relatively high strength At the same time, it can also effectively prevent the corrosion caused by some chemical gases. Today, it has good heat and cold resistance, so it has a wide range of choices in the temperature environment, which can be applied to various harsh environments. 

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