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The birth of industrial plug and socket

Plug in industrial plug socket is a common electrical accessory in daily use. It is necessary for all electrical appliances to operate. It can be said that plug and socket are the bridge between electrical appliances and power supply. The invention of electricity, especially the appearance of later electrical appliances, urgently needs a series of connectors to cooperate with it, so as to use electric energy. There was no plug and socket for a long time. For the sake of electrical connection, people could only twist the wires on the power terminals. However, with the emergence of a large number of electrical appliances, if you have to twist the wires every time, it is not suitable for the needs, and a large number of non professionals join in the use of the ranks, so there are a lot of security problems, which will cause serious electric shock accidents. This puts forward the requirement of convenient and fast electrical connection. In this case, plug and socket products came into being.

Development of plug and socket product standard

Early plug and socket are very simple, and the size is not uniform, it can be said that there are many kinds of plugs. It is possible that one plug produced in one city can not be plugged into the local socket in another city. Therefore, since then, all countries in the world have formulated their own unified plug and socket standards. In 1967, Guangzhou Institute of electrical science mainly formulated the plug and socket standard gb1002-67 single-phase plug and socket types, basic parameters and dimensions. For example, Britain issued BS in 1950 546:1950 two pole plugs, sockets and converters with earth contacts for circuits up to 250V.

The promulgation of these compulsory standards unifies the type and size of each internal plug and socket, and promotes the development of trade in a sense.

Industry development history

The products of industrial plug, plug and socket are developing continuously. At the beginning, they only meet the needs of simple power supply. For example, from the 1950s to the end of the 1970s, bakelite electrical appliance manufacturers in all provinces and cities of China produced plugs and sockets. At that time, the plug and socket products were mainly black phenolic resin powder (namely, electrical jade powder). Later, with the improvement of people's living standards, awareness and the need for beauty, people also put forward higher requirements for plug and socket.

The rise of all kinds of plug and socket

For example, in order to prevent children from getting an electric shock by plugging something like a stick into the socket, it is required to install a protective door in front of the socket insert; there will be a large amount of water in the bathroom, in order to have a waterproof and splash proof plug and socket; in order to make the room beautiful and harmonious, there are a variety of wall sockets with color panels, etc. At present, a large number of intelligent, remote control and energy-saving switch and socket products are emerging.

For example, switch socket with remote control and timing function; intelligent light control system with centralized control, scene control, remote control and other functions; intelligent home appliance control system with programming control, remote control and other functions, etc. Ground socket, converter, industrial plug socket, splash proof switch socket, waterproof switch socket, explosion-proof switch socket, leakage protection socket, lightning protection socket and other new products are competing.

The emergence of humanized products

Plug and socket accessories have developed from a single functional product to a combination of functional and decorative products, and are increasingly pursuing operational and comfort. The appearance of these products indicates that the development of plug and socket products will be more and more humanized in the future.

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