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In recent years, more and more friends want to buy industrial plug and socket. In the process of inquiry, they found that they did not know much about the industrial socket plug, whether it was in the subway, factories, mines, projects, or agents or dealers. They often had various problems when it came to specific use, today, I will share with you the detailed introduction of industrial socket plug.

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Introduction of industrial plug and socket

Industrial plugs, sockets and couplers are mainly divided into four categories: plugs, sockets, connectors and appliance input sockets, which are generally referred to as industrial plugs.

Industrial plug, socket and coupler

The earliest relevant standard in China was promulgated in 1989, industrial plugs, sockets and couplers (GB / T 11918-11919-1989). At this time, this kind of industrial plug and socket has not been produced in China.

So, here's the problem. Can't we avoid using imported equipment? If these equipment are not industrial plugs and sockets, what should we do. At that time, import was a very troublesome thing, and time and money could not be used up. So sometimes, in order to control costs, smart people

Engineers simply cut off the plug and connect it directly to the power switch.

Until the mid-1990s, through the introduction of joint ventures, China gradually produced all kinds of industrial plug and socket.

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Characteristics of industrial plug and socket

1. Safe and reliable

A this kind of product uses the shell color to indicate the rated voltage, for example, blue represents 220 V, red represents 380 V, which is clear at a glance, easy to distinguish, and can not be mistaken.

B. the diameter, number of poles and position of grounding contact of different specifications are different. Only the same specification can be inserted to avoid wrong insertion.

C protection against electric shock. The socket of the grounding electrode in the socket is longer than that of the phase pole and the neutral line pole, which ensures that the grounding electrode is connected before the phase pole is connected when the plug is inserted, and the grounding electrode is finally detached when it is pulled out, so it is very safe to use.

D high protection level. There are IP44 splash proof type, IP67 anti immersion type, etc. Not only the human body can not touch the live parts, but also can be used in different environmental conditions to ensure safety.

E. elastic hoop is added on the sleeve. Ensure that the plug is in close contact, good conductivity and long service life.

F there is a retaining device to make the plug and socket clamp each other after being inserted, so as to avoid falling off, and the reliability is greatly improved.

G there is a cable clamping device, which can clamp the cable sheath, so that the fixed wood will be pulled off, and the use is safe.

2. Strong versatility

The product adopts GB / T 11918-11919-2001 standard, which is equivalent to IEC 60309-1 and 2 standards, and is fully in line with international standards. Therefore, this kind of product is widely used at home and abroad. At the same time, it has many specifications and varieties

Meet various occasions and uses.

Use these plugs with high industrial safety and reliability. Therefore, it is gradually paid attention to in China. Through more than ten years of continuous promotion and application, industrial plug and socket has entered all walks of life, such as electric power, construction, port and wharf, machinery industry and modern large-scale buildings. Manufacturers have also developed from the initial few to dozens now. At the same time, with the development of science and technology, industrial plugs and sockets are also constantly innovative. Various rapid installation technologies have been applied to plug and socket to make it more convenient.

3. Durable

A good mechanical properties. The shell of the product is made of high-quality engineering plastics, which has high strength, impact resistance and is not afraid of falling or trampling. The rubber and plastics used have anti-aging properties, not only for indoor use, but also for outdoor use.

B heat resistant and flame resistant. The shell and internal insulation parts have heat resistance, the temperature can reach (100 ± 5) ℃ and the important parts can withstand (125 ± 5) ℃ and have flame retardancy.

C is more resistant to plug and pull. If the rated current is 16a, the number of normal pulling and inserting operation cycles is more than 5000 times.

D. the temperature rise test of conductive contact parts (pin and socket) shall not exceed 50K, which is suitable for long-term use.

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The difference between industrial plug and socket and household plug and socket:

Because of the complex environment of industrial workshop, there are complex factors such as dust, water, collision and so on. The standard industrial socket should be waterproof, flame proof and anti-collision.

Shell: waterproof plug and socket series products are made of imported high-quality plastic (nylon). Under normal use, it can reach 90 ℃ without deformation and - 40 ℃ technical index will not change.

Plastic core parts: waterproof plug and socket series products are made of fireproof plastic (nylon) material. It can withstand 120 ℃ in normal environment. In the flame retardant test (850 ℃ glow wire), there was no visible flame and no continuous glow,

The silk paper does not catch fire. After removing the hot wire, the flame goes out and the glow disappears within 30 seconds.

Domestic conventional working voltage can be divided into two types: 220 V (blue) and 380 V (red); 110 V (yellow), 500 V (black) and so on.

The protection grade of industrial plug and socket is generally divided into IP44, IP55 and IP67

IP44: it can avoid the harm of water spraying in all directions and solid above 1 mm. The common industries include automatic production equipment, packaging equipment, injection molding machine, stage lighting and sound, construction machinery, generator set, power distribution cabinet, etc.

IP55: it can avoid low-pressure water jet from all directions and avoid the harm of dust. Common industries are: car cleaning equipment, spraying equipment and so on.

IP67: it can avoid immersion below 15cm (soaking time is 30 minutes) and completely avoid the influence of dust hazard. Common industries are: mining machinery, outdoor sports ground power transmission and distribution equipment, etc.

Although the plug and socket is small, it will do great harm if it is not used properly. So when we choose to buy the plug and socket, we should distinguish the industrial plug and socket or the common household plug and socket and their characteristics.

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